In-app Feature Tours, simplified.

ONE Second Shy makes it easy to incorporate interactive feature tours within an existing web application.

The ONE Feature Introduction

The ONE Feature Introduction is our brand new service that allows you to build interactive feature and site tours.

With inspiration from Facebook, the ONE Feature Introduction walks a user through particular features or aspects of your site.

Think of it as your own personal tour guide!

Along the way it tracks how users are responding, and will let you know if users are completing tours or stopping them early.

The ONE Feature Introduction should be considered an augmenter to existing documentation and training materials, not necessarily a replacement.

The ONE Bar

The ONE Bar is an easy-to-manage service that provides a site owner or administrator with the ability to deliver relevant notifications to their users.

Put another way, the ONE Bar sits atop your pages and displays messages of your choosing. It tracks clicks and monitors how users are responding to your notifications.

It's a perfect way to:

  • Drive users to your site's most valuable content
  • Announce recent changes and/or new features
  • Let visitors know about upcoming events
  • Promote Newsletters or Mailing Lists
  • Increase awareness of your Social Networks

The ONE Bar is easy to install, you can be up and running in minutes!